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Cross Platforms:

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
  • OS/2 Macintosh
  • Java*

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Chemistry 4-D Draw

Draw Chemical Structures Intelligently

Chemistry 4-D Draw is a next-generation chemistry program combining the most advanced technologies in structure drawing with proprietary modules, NamExpert and Nomenclator, that understands IUPAC nomenclature rules. The program comes with the Chem4D Database module that manages databases of molecular structures, graphics and information associated with the data. It helps you to search and reuse graphics you have created. Chem4D Graph module that creates multi-line graphs of different styles. It supports non-linear and linear curve fitting, response curve fitting and data analysis

Next-generation Drawing Program:

  • Advanced Drawing Tools, Easy to Use!
  • Chem4D Database Organizes structures and graphics
  • Nomenclator Assigns IUPAC Names to Structures
  • NamExpert Interprets Chemical Names
  • NEW Chem4D Graph creates multi-line graphs of different styles
  • NEW Assign Chirality
  • OLE-2 Technology Saves You Time!
  • Full Color and All Fonts!
  • Object Transformations-rotate, move, scale, flip, align!
  • Multipage Document!
  • Export MDL MOL Files, Graphic Files!
  • Internet-Ready Send/Receive Graphics via Regular E-mail!

    1. Intelligent Drawing Program

    Chemistry 4-D Draw is an innovative program that combines powerful drawing tools with an intelligent nomenclature module. You can create structures quickly by entering molecular names. You can then modify these structures using the user-friendly drawing tools. Now you have a drawing program with LIMITLESS STRUCTURE TEMPLATES, saving you a tremendous amount of time! You can even teach Chemistry 4-D Draw to recognize your customized structures. You can instantly obtain systematic names for structures.

    2. Great Educational Values

    The intelligent modules, NamExpert and Nomenclator, understands IUPAC organic nomenclature rules. It interprets chemical names and generates high quality structures in one of three styles: shorthand, Kekule, or semistructural formula. It also recognizes many trivial names. Furthermore, NamExpert can generate molecular formulas and calculate molecular weights.

    Great news for teaching: You can prepare papers, reports, quizzes, and exams quickly by just entering molecular names!

    Great news for learning: Now students have an intelligent and tireless "personal tutor"!

    Special discount prices are available for universities and colleges to set up cost-effective computer laboratories for teaching chemistry nomenclature and state-of-the-art structure drawing techniques.

    3. Create Structure Databases and Assign Trivial Names

    Chemistry 4-D Draw provides an extremely powerful and time-saving functionality -- you can teach NamExpert to recognize your structures. You can add your own customized chemical names to the "trivial names" databases, then use these names just like other IUPAC trivial names. You can create derivative molecules by including the name as the parent structure or as a substituent, building a series of compounds instantaneously.

    4. Export Pictures Using New Technologies

    The Windows version of Chemistry 4-D Draw uses the new OLE-2 technology to communicate with other application programs (such as MS Word and WordPerfect). Exporting pictures is easy -- simply select the Copy command in Chemistry 4-D Draw, and execute the Paste command in your application program. To modify a picture, simply double-click on it to activate Chemistry 4-D Draw.

    The Professional version lets you export pictures by dragging and dropping.

    The Macintosh version fully supports copy and paste of high quality pictures between applications. Formatting is retained, so pictures can later be copied back into Chemistry 4-D Draw for editing.

    5. Internet-Ready

    Chemistry 4-D Draw is the program for the information age. Graphics files can be sent around the world via regular e-mail (no need to encode/decode). The files contain all chemical information and are fully editable. The program can be used as a WWW graphic viewer for CNS files and MDL MOL files.

    6. Easy-to-Use Drawing Tools

    Chemistry 4-D Draw provides a wide range of tools for creating original graphics and for modifying structures generated by NamExpert. Bond types: solid, dashed, hashed, bold, wavy, wedged, hollow wedge, hashed wedge, double, partial double, and triple bonds Rings: 3,4,5,6,7 and 8-membered rings, chairs, benzene (NamExpert can be used to create many other rings) Chain: any number of atoms Sprouts bonds and rings at a specified angle and bond length Orbitals: s, p, d, sp, sigma, sigma*, etc. Arrows: straight and curved; various styles Rectangles & ovals: hollow and filled Miscellaneous: brackets, charges, electrons, etc.

    7. Assisting Tools

    Chemistry 4-D Draw provides other tools to make drawing easy. Merger: Merge fragments to form large molecules effortlessly Eraser: Delete a bond, atom or object easily Lasso & Scissors: Select, move, scale, and rotate objects interactively Rulers, Gridlines & Magnifier

    8. Smart Labeling

    When you create structures using NamExpert, Chemistry 4-D Draw automatically adds labels to appropriate atoms and groups. Labels are automatically aligned (left or right) and numerical characters are changed to subscript. You can use the Label tool to add or modify labels.

    Express-Labeling: Simply select atoms and type the appropriate element symbol. No need to memorize "hot-key" codes! The program will add labels with the correct number of hydrogen atoms.

    9. Full Color and Appearance Control

    You can change the colors of character, bond, or object (including labels) individually. You can also change the line widths of objects, and use smart wedged or bold bonds to create 3D-like structures.

    10. Object Transformations

    Chemistry 4-D Draw allows you to interactively rotate molecules in three dimensions. You can also move, scale, flip, and align objects continuously or discretely to a final position.

    11. Seven Levels of Undo and Redo

    You can perform up to 7 levels of undo/redo operations instantaneously.

    12. Intelligently Recognize Aromatic Rings

    The program intelligently checks 5 and 6-membered rings (including fused rings) for aromaticity. It can add or remove aromatic rings automatically.

    13. Verify Structures

    Chemistry 4-D Draw checks your structures for possible errors. It can detect wrong atom labels and atoms with too many bonds.

    14. Condense Formulas

    NamExpert can optionally condense a semistructural formula using (CH2)n.

    15. Multipage Document

    You can create documents containing multiple pages.

    16. Text Editor

    You can type characters at any position on the page. You can edit labels in the same way as regular text strings. You can import text from other application programs. The Auto-Subscript command allows you to enter formulas easily.

    17. Export MDL MOL Files

    You can exchange data with other drawing programs and molecular modeling programs by importing and exporting MOL files. This feature is also supported by Molecular Modeling Pro, Molecular Analysis Pro, ChemSite and MassSpec Calculator.

    18. Export Pictures via Graphic Files

    In addition to exporting pictures via the clipboard, you can export high quality pictures via Placeable Metafiles. The Macintosh version exports PICT files.

    19. Advanced Mass Calculator (Pro, Office Versions)

    Now you can perform accurate element analysis easier. Features:

    • Analyze selected molecules or groups
    • Analyze formulas you entered
    • Select isotopes for elements You can obtain:
    • Molecular formulas
    • Total mass
    • Numbers of atoms
    • Weight of each element
    • Percentage weight of each element

    20. All Fonts

    You can change the font faces, sizes, formats, styles, and colors of characters (including labels), using all of the fonts supported by your operating system.

    21. High Quality Printing

    You can print high quality pictures on any printers or plotters supported by your operating system.

    22. On-Line Help

    On-Line Help is available to guide you through every step.

    23. Unique Program

    Chemistry 4-D Draw comes with many advanced features that cannot be found in other drawing programs. The combined capability of NamExpert and Nomenclator cannot be found in any other program.

    Group discounts and educational prices are available.

    Chemistry 4-D Draw comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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