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Chemistry Toolkit

Changing the way you Teach!

Greetings from Jeremy Wood, President of Queen of the Mountains Software,

How would you like a software program that solved every chemistry problem you would ever see? Presenting Chemistry Toolkit for Windows, a seven in one software toolkit for chemistry calculations and demonstrations. For the chemistry teacher or student, Chemistry Toolkit is a dream come true. It solves a vast range of chemistry problems quickly and easily. Whether you are balancing redox reactions or calculating molecular weight this one's got it all! The database also gives you access to thousands of records on elements and bonds for a treasure trove of information. Check out the description of each tool and I think you will be absolutely amazed!!

Periodic Table

You've never seen a periodic table program like this before! Gives you access to five databases: Elements, Ions, Bonds, atomic spectra, and Isotopes. Over 14,000 records contain a treasure trove of information. Also includes a virtual spectroscope, which allows you to view the atomic spectrum of a single element or a mixture of elements in real color as they might appear through a spectroscope. View all lines or just the ones you want. Perform simple or complex database searches with the SQL grid. Very easy to use. Includes the Periodic Trends tool which allows you to graph periodic trends in 2D or 3D in bar chart or line format. You can also rotate 3D graphs and copy your graph to the clipboard.

Lewis Dot Structures

The absolute best way to teach Lewis Dot Structures!

Lewis Dot Structures are an important topic in any chemistry class. Now completely revolutionize the way you teach this important topic. Students build Lewis Dot Structures from scratch by dragging and dropping elements onto each other, then view the actual 3D structure of the molecule and rotate it in three dimensions! Copy the molecule to the clipboard. Properties window displays all sorts of information about the molecule such as bond length, bond energies, charge, VSEPR bonds, hybridization, molecular shape and much, much more! Recognizes 4 different kinds of bonds and three different ring structures. Toggle octet rule on or off. Status bar shows when molecule is complete. It's both interactive and visual. A tool for the 21st century!

Balance Equations

Balance non redox reactions and redox reactions in acid and base solutions. Perform stoichiometry in fraction or grid form in moles, molecules, grams or any mass units you'd like. Find limiting reactants, oxidation numbers, redox agents, percent yield, molecular weight, molarity and other quantities. Chemical reaction editor makes typing in chemical reactions a snap with auto super and subscripting. Includes the Dimensional Analysis tool, a unit conversion and stoichiometry tool which recognizes over 1000 units of all kinds. Includes automatic grams, moles, and molecules conversion tools. Displays the final answer with units and unit category.

Nuclear Equation Editor

Balance and study nuclear reactions. Forces your nuclear reaction to obey six conservation laws. Find binding energy, Q-values, threshold energy, mass and many other important properties. Recognizes isotopes of the elements and a variety of leptons, baryons, mesons and neutrinos. Automatically adds atomic number to element symbols to save time. Mass numbers are simply selected from a list box. Radioactivity tools easily make alpha, beta and gamma decay reactions. Great for anyone working with nuclear reactions.


Find molecular weight, oxidation numbers, empirical formula, formula name, percent composition and more all by just typing in a chemical formula! Features colorful pie chart for percent composition. Also does sample mass, isotopic mass and empirical formula calculations. Type a formula into the chemical equation editor or rapidly create your own formula from the built in lists of anions and cations.

In Summary
The purpose of the software is threefold:
  • 1. To solve numerical problems in chemistry quickly and easily. Each tool is equipped with time saving tools. In a hurry to make that next exam or quiz? Now, you can make up your own questions and make an answer key faster than ever!
  • 2. To use as a visual demonstration in lectures.
  • 3. To use as a student lab or homework assignment.

People often tell me how they wish they had our software when they were in school. It still blows my mind how it makes chemistry calculations so fast and simple. It balances redox reactions in both acid and base solutions simultaneously in less than 2 seconds on a Pentium 3 processor. And I am thrilled when I create my own molecule and rotate it in three dimensions. No chemistry teacher should be without chemistry toolkit. I hope to hear from you soon.

ORDER on Norgwyn Montgomery's on-line store ($179 single user, $1750 site license)

Or PHONE - Call 215-378-6274 for more information. Some of the parts can be sold separately.

To run chemistry toolkit you will need a PC with windows 95\98\2000\ME or XP using windows Explorer version 4.01 sp2 or better, a processor of at least 166 MHz, 24 Megabytes of Ram, 12 Megabytes hard drive space and a CD ROM or DVD drive.