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Molecular Modeling Pro: 3-D modeling, database creation / manipulation and calculation of chemical properties from structure. Easy to use, reasonably priced!

    Draw structures with a mouse. Minimize them with MM2, MOPAC or MOLY. Do conformational analysis of 1-2 rotating bonds. Calculate over 120 chemical properties from structure. Save structures, reactions and calculated properties to databases with automation. View the databases and edit the data. Interacts with ChemSite including display of molecules in MMP databases with ChemSite. Automatically generate HTML pages with rotating structures.

Molecular Modeling Pro
Molecular Modeling Pro Educational
Molecular Modeling Pro 5 User License
Molecular Modeling Pro 5 User Educational
Molecular Modeling Pro 15 User License
Molecular Modeling Pro 15 User Educational
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MMP Upgrade from Any Previous Version
MMP Upgrade from Academic Version 4