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Using ChemSite with Molecular Modeling Pro

  • On the Tools menu you can access various features of ChemSite including the AMBER minimizer, the LCAO electrostatic surface map, and some of the photorealistic rendering methods. The results of AMBER minimization using this technique will not automatically be read into MMP. You would have to send the minimized molecule back via the clipboard.
  • Using the Minimize method on the Geometry menu you can choose to have ChemSite's AMBER minimize the molecule. It will automatically be updated in Molecular Modeling Pro (MMP) after AMBER is done with the minimization.
  • In the Display menu select "Change Display Mode". Most of the ChemSite rendering modes can be accessed from here. For this to work, MMP must know the location of the ChemSite executable file. To tell MMP where this connection is select Initialize Links from the File menu and insert the file name for ChemSite in the appropriate place.
  • In the Database window on the View menu there is an option to View the Selected molecule with ChemSite. If you check this option then ChemSite will be displayed with the molecule you have currently selected on the spreadsheet. Changing to another molecule will cause ChemSite to automatically be refreshed with the new molecule.
  • You can also send MDL Molfiles back and forth between the programs via the Copy and Paste clipboard functions, or by saving and opening MDL Molfiles.