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 New in 2012 and 2013

   August: ChemicaElectrica Gateway is released for the first time replacing the ChemicaElectrica Database. New features include a 3-d drawing program with the MM2 minimizer and MOPAC geometry optimization, substructure and similarity searching, internet connectivity and flexible menus. A new low price is also introduced for this product. See our ChemicaElectrica Gateway web page for details.

   September 2012: To ChemicaElectrica database added the following: Added sodium bisulfite and related. Added some sugars and sweeteners. Added sulfur oxides. Updated all pesticides in ChemicaElectrica database.

Added rule of five calculations to ChemicaElectrica capabilities.

   December 2012: Added household products database to ChemicaElectrica database.

Upgraded dimensions routine in MMP and MMP+. Added upgraded dimensions routine to ChemicaElectrica.

   January 2013: Added new automatic molecule with molecule interaction routines to MMP+.

Bug fixed to substructure search routine in Drawing Window (Database window working fine.)

ChemicaElectrica Version 2.3 released.

   February 2013: Added new drugs with USAN names through mid-February to ChemicaElectrica database. Added compounds on EPA list of safer ingredients to ChemicaElectrica database. Compound count now over 9000. ChemicaElectrica Version 2.3.1 released.

MMP+ Version 7.0 released