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   NGMSI acquired the rights from Altek Corporation to manufacture and sell the NovaPro large format digitizers and accessories. Formats supported include 60 x 144 inches and 54 x 120 inches. Accessories included the AC-32 controller. We are currently sold out of the cursors and controllers, but we still repair them. To inquire call NGMSI at 215-378-6274.

The NGMSI Digitizer Program connects to an Altek or Novapro digitizer (with AC32 controller) without a driver, displays the digitized image as you draw it with the digitizer cursor and saves the results to a dxf file that can be read by other programs. The dxf file is typically used as the input for a CNC machine or a CAD program. Requires Windows XP or Vista. For more information, download the program manual.

   We repair 16 button cursors. Costs typically are around $100.00 plus shipping. Send broken cursors to Norgwyn Montgomery, c/o James Quinn, 216 Lower Valley Rd., North Wales PA 19454. Make sure to include your name, address, and phone number. Payment is by COD. Make checks out to Norgwyn Montgomery.

    If you need a new power supply for your AC 32 controller you can order one directly from Digikey (1-800-Digikey). The part number is WM113TT and the manuafacturer is Elpac.

    If you need a driver for Autocad or some application you can order the Virtual Tablet Interface directly from its creator at We do not offer product support for this driver any more, and recommend using our new Digitizer drawing program to create dxf files instead if all you need to do is input a dxf file into the software for a CNC machine.