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   The fixed and movable menus (AC32 controller)

   This appendix is including because of problems encountered in using the VTI driver with Autocad. CMS customers should not have to use the menus other than as a switch between POINT and RUN modes unless using the board with non-CMS devices. CMS customers should proceed with caution as using the set up feature on the fixed menu with the movable menu could effect the performance of the CMS software and make it difficult to use. If you DO need to use the menus then save the CMS setting to Recall 1 (see how to do this under the movable menu description on the next page) before proceeding so you can retrieve your CMS settings.

The fixed menu

   The fixed menu, about 1" by 12", is always placed just above the top edge of the active area of the digitizer, at the left. It has these functions:

POINT switch to point mode
INTERMITTENT switch to intermittent mode
RUN switch to run mode
RATE/INC switch between rate and incremental mode
OFFSET set the origin at the next point digitized
CLEAR OFFSET set the origin at the lower left corner
RESET reset the digitizer control electronics
SETUP MENU activate the movable menu
RECALL 1 recall the configuration from memory location 1
RECALL 2 recall the configuration from memory location 2
RECALL 3 recall the configuration from memory location 3
RECALL 4 recall the configuration from memory location 4

   The fixed menu can be used to change the operating mode of the digitizer, to set or clear a coordinate offset, to reset the digitizer, to activate the movable menu, or to recall any of four user-defined configurations from the digitizer's nonvolatile memory.

   To use the fixed menu, move the cursor to the desired menu box. The cursor lights will begin to flash on and off to indicate that the cursor is in the menu. Press any key on the cursor to select the box.

The movable menu

   Currently (2006), the VTI driver supports the 0.004 resolution with the 144x60 inch board and you may have to switch to this resolution to get the large format digitizer to work with this driver. Similarly, VTI expects an 0.002 inch resolution with the 120x54 inch digitizer board. Changing the resolution with Windows XP may well require use of the movable menu as the reliablility of the Hyperterminal program in making changes to digitizer settings has not been as foolproof as we would like.

   The movable menu, about 7.5" by 8", can be placed anywhere in the active area of the digitizer. It has these functions:

SERIAL SPEED set the speed of the serial port
SERIAL MISC. set the other serial port values
EMULATION select the command set
FORMAT select a data format
RATE set the data rate (see the 'R' command)
INCREMENT set the data increment (see the 'I' command)
RESOLUTION set the data resolution (see the 'M' command)
RUN TYPE set the run type (see the 'Z' command)
MEMORY store store the configuration in nonvolatile memory
MEMORY reset reset a stored configuration to its default value
SOFTWARE select a configuration for a software program
MODE set the data transmission mode
MISCELLANY set CR, LF, tone, CTS flow control on or off; test the digitizer

To use the movable menu, first place it at a convenient place in the active area of the digitizer, and tape it down securely.

  • Digitize the "SETUP MENU" box in the fixed menu.
  • Digitize the dot at the lower left corner of the movable menu.
  • Digitize the dot at the lower right corner of the movable menu.
  • Now place the cursor on the digitizer, anywhere in the movable menu. The lights will flash on and off to indicate that the cursor is in the menu.
  • Move the cursor to the desired menu selection and press any cursor key. The digitizer will sound a high-pitched beep when the cursor is over a menu selection that is currently active.

   Modes, speeds, or other characteristics selected with the menu will continue until the digitizer is next turned off or reset. When the digitizer is turned on or reset, it reads its starting configuration from location 1 in its nonvolatile memory. The starting configuration can be changed by storing the desired setup in location 1, using the "MEMORY Store 1" selection on the menu.

   If you prefer a larger or smaller menu, you can enlarge or reduce the movable menu on any good office copier, as long as the aspect ratio (the ratio of the length of the long side to the length of the short side) remains the same. You can change the size of the menu, as long as you do not change its shape.

   As the menu has space for only 25 formats, other formats that may be added from time to time are not shown. With firmware revisions 2.20 and higher, these formats may be selected with the numeric keypad near the top of the menu. To select format 29, for instance, digitize the 2 box, then the 9 box, then the word FORMAT at the top of the format list. These formats may also be selected by using the serial commands, such as "F29". See the serial commands in this manual for details.

The movable menu is Figure 4. If you need to use the menu detach it from this manual and tape it anywhere in the active area of your digitizer board.

Figure 4. Click to Enlarge