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    Creating a web page containing a rotating molecule with MMP
  • 1. Draw a molecule. Add the hydrogens by clicking twice on the H button.
  • 2. Let's render it as CPK type spheres. Go to the Display menu and choose Change Display Mode. Off the menu that appears, check dot surface and set the dot density to 1. I like this rendering better than the shaded spheres. Hit Done.
  • 3. Center the molecule (Center button near top of the screen).
  • 4. Choose the Background and Text colors you want to use from the Format menu. In the example we chose a white background and black text.
  • 5. Go to the Tools menu. Select Image Processor from this menu. The rest of the instructions on this tip sheet are for menu items on the Image Processor window that appears.
  • 6. Go to the Edit menu and select Crop. Starting in the upper left corner draw a box with the mouse that includes the area that you want to appear in the HTML page. Allow for extra width as your molecule rotates. The smaller the area chosen, the smaller the resulting JPEG files and the faster your page will load.
  • 7. If you want to add text on the drawing itself you can do so now by going to the Edit menu and selecting Add Text. We did not use this option in our example. Note that the placement of the text on the page works differently than other programs. After typing in the text and hitting the Done button do not click a mouse button until you have placed the text on the screen (clicking the mouse indicates that the text is located where you want it). Just move the mouse without clicking and the text will move around the page.
  • 8. You can play around with the contrast and brightness, overlay images with partial transparency and a number of other image adjustments. We did not do anything to the image other than crop it in the example.
  • 9. Go to the File menu and select Save as HTML.
  • 10. We put a title on the web page "Web Page Created by Molecular Modeling Pro". We clicked the Font button and set the font to Bold and the type size to 16.
  • 11. We added three buttons to the bottom of the web page. In the table "Add these links at the bottom of the page" we typed in the captions Tips, Home and MMP and typed in the URLs tips.htm, index.html and mmp.htm into the first three lines of the table.
  • 12. Check the "Animate molecule" box at the bottom left of the screen.
  • 13. Hit done. MMP will then create the web page including the jpeg files for the animated rotation (along the y axis).

View the result (this can take a while if you don't have a fast connection - it must load 36 x 20 kb jpg files)